Chi Aguwa: The Denim Series


Photography and Text by Chi Aguwa, Copyright 2016




Throughout all the seasons of fashion, there is only one thing that refuses to go out of style. Yeah you guessed it; it’s denim! Since the 19th century, the face of denim for utilization and fashion has shifted towards a more contemporary approach. In 1973, a tailor named Jacob Davis manufactured the first pair of denim pants. His customer wanted a durable pant to be created for her husband to chop wood. Upon completion, Davis used copper rivets to fasten the pockets onto the front and back. Once people discovered these denim pants, demand for them skyrocketed.  It was around this time when Davis wrote to his denim supplier, Levi Strauss & Co. to patent his idea of the denim pant. Several years down the road, denim is still dominating the market.

Obviously in 2016, denim utilization has drastically changed. Consumers are interested in denim as an article of fast durable fashion. I personally love all thing that have to do with denim, simply because it can alter the face of an outfit. People rarely wear jeans with a t-shirt for comfort; that’s why sweatpants were created! Immediately when I think of jeans, I think of an outfit that I can wear out on the town. Skinny jeans with a bulky sweater or a lose fitting top and a pair of strappy heels is always a simple way to look nice when one cannot find what to wear. Since I have such long legs, I have always loved the straight or wide leg denim look. Pairing these two styles of pants with a fitted blouse, a statement belt, a scarf or bold necklace to add a pop of color, and heeled booties or pointed toe shoes is a timeless outfit that can go from day to night time. The denim jacket is one piece that everyone should own! Whether it is light wash to distressed or dark wash, throwing it over a dress, sweater, or simple top can easily dress down an outfit. Lastly, the denim one piece outfit has made a big splash in the fashion industry because it’s not only cute, but it’s easy to think about. Throwing on a denim dress, romper, or jumpsuit leaves little room for guesswork; all one has to do is throw on one article of clothing with an accessory and walk out the door. Out of these three lifesavers, the denim dress is my favorite. I love pairing a denim dress with a similar colored denim shirt tied loosely around the waist and a baseball cap with some sneakers. It’s not only fashion forward, but its functional.


About The Author: Chi Aguwa is a junior enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018. To read additional articles by Chi Aguwa, go here


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