Behind The Scene: With Kasheem “The Dream” Peterson

Photographs by Al B For, Copyright 2024

Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2024


Behind The Scene:  With Kasheem “The Dream” Peterson


This shoot brought back a lot of memories.  It started with a text from a very good friend of mine that recommended that I take a call from a guy who he thought I would find interesting to photograph.  His name is Kasheem Peterson.  I said ok I’ll respond should he try to contact me.  Sure enough he did. Within minutes after responding to my friend’s recommendation Kasheem did indeed reach out.  He said that he needed some new photographs and that he was in the adult film business.  That statement was what brought back the memories of decades past when I was producing content for Penthouse and other high end adult magazines.   Kasheem was well up to the task and made the transition from clothed to unclothed in the blink of an eye.

He arrived ahead of schedule.  Which is always a good sign.  He was polite, friendly, confident and ready to rock the set with a body that was defined by years of conditioning, discipline and lots of work in the gym.  Instead of making him feel comfortable, he made the crew feel at ease while we produced some fabulous photographs for an industry in which he has become a Star.


To learn more about Kasheem Peterson, link here:

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