Milan Burnett: A Gift From The Universe

Text by Milan Burnett, Copyright 2022


Photographs by Tony Ward.  All Rights Reserved.


A Gift From The Universe


As a spiritualist, I am not someone who necessarily believes in coincidences. Every person we interact with, major event, or circumstance finds its way into our lives for a reason, whether we understand that reasoning at the time, or not. Throughout my childhood, my mother struggled to keep a roof over our heads, causing us to relocate often, sometimes multiple times in a year. At the time, I deemed the instability and hardship as a misfortune, but I always had a knack for making friends and adapting to new environments with ease. Being exposed to all cultures and walks of life made it easy for me to understand others. I could relate to anybody in a room full of strangers. People have always naturally gravitated towards me, which I assumed to be simply because I was a nice person. Little did I know, the universe was only setting the stage for a greater purpose much larger than my circumstances, destined to be fulfilled.

It wasn’t until within the last couple of years that I realized why the Universe has put me on the journey I’ve experienced so far. My humanitarian nature of giving back and helping others has gradually intertwined itself with my spiritual practices, and my love for the psychology of humans. This, along with being easily relatable, has allowed me to explore and expand on my purpose of healing others around me. Whether it be through my tarot reading, spiritual guidance, or simple positive reinforcement, inner healing and balance is extremely important in the midst of this chaotic 3D reality. No amount of value could ever be placed on the genuine satisfaction it gives me to be able to guide others in their healing to become a better version of themselves. Past experiences I once saw as a burden, I now consider a blessing in disguise. A gift from the universe, if you will. A gift that has molded me into someone who is compassionate, empathetic, logical and raw, wrapped in high frequency vibrations meant to enlighten those I encounter.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR : Milan is originally from New York, now residing in Philadelphia. Aspiring model and real estate broker. Free thinker. Humanitarian by nature. Spiritual revolutionary in the making. To access previous articles by Milan Burnett, click here:

Megan McGory: Essence


Text by Megan McGory, Copyright 2022




So, what am I up to these days? Sexually, of course.

 Who am I as a woman, a lover…someone who knows herself in a way that is shaped by my past.

This question is deep and substantial, but let’s focus on the present. The satisfaction of knowing my desires and needs and being able to obtain them is something that many never achieve.

So here is a little of me.

Let’s talk of “simple pleasures” which are not simple in any sense. Having my lover against me, so intense, their scent, the quite whispers, giggles and moans of pleasure as we enjoy intimacy and connection. An experience reached by opening one’s mind and vulnerabilities to their partner. To allow myself to open this way can only described as “next level” and goes well beyond sexual actions.

Toys are something that are always a part of my fun. I have a convenient spot where they are kept in a box that can be locked. Even big girls need a toy box. Inside is an expansive collection of playthings, so many that sometimes I forget a few. When away from home, there are one or two hidden away for use in whatever situation may arise. Creativity…solo or otherwise is always welcome. 

I am a tease. Leaning in and quietly suggesting scenarios that cannot be played out is appealing. Sending pictures at times of the day when it is genuinely distracting makes me giggle. Texting suggestive ideas, building on it and abruptly ending the conversation? Not me! Sharing that, “My fingers were between my thighs a few minutes ago.” when out for a meal or in a public place achieves such pleasing results. Sharing one of my sexy written stories and knowing exactly the response it will create warms me up in all the right ways. Mentioning in passing that, “I’m not wearing panties.” or saying that, “I want to get on my knees and linger there for a long, long time.”  This is who I am.

Porn, naughty stories and “dressing up” are things I incorporate into my days and nights. Spontaneity should not be overlooked. Sliding my hands up a shirt or down past a waistband in a dark corner of a public place? Yes please.  Climbing on a lap in a car. What surface of the house is yet to be explored? How about a public restroom? Always ready for the challenge. A quickie on the kitchen counter? How fast can my panties drop??? Tie me up, spank me, cover my eyes and surprise me!

 Treat me like the Vixen that I am.


About The Author:

Meg is a tenacious person. She has a lot of interesting life stories and likes to challenge herself by learning and trying new things. She is an excellent cook and baker. She can make and decorate elaborate cakes.  Health and fitness are a part of her lifestyle. She bought and is living in a foreclosure which she is making her own room by room. She is certified to teach pistol because she believes a woman should be comfortable defending herself. She enjoys hiking and is completing a certification in personal training. She is a badass 50 plus year old woman living life to its fullest. 


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Snow Baby: Prison Life and Then Release

Portrait of exotic dancer Snow Baby topless
Snow Baby. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2022.

Text by Snow Baby, Copyright 2022


Prison Life and Then Release


It was hard in the beginning being sentenced to Riverside Correctional Facility, but at the end I was grounded in – as they would say. While serving my time, a corrections officer was harassing me. She was in charge of locking me in every night. One day she came into my cell and I fought her when she tried to have me put into 23/1 for indefinite time. I beat my case due to the fact that I called prison society.  It turns out a corrections officer is not allowed to enter a cell without a white shirt or a person above in the chain of command. Fortunately, I only did 30 days in the hole (23/1) where you only shower once every few days and are locked in a cell for 23 hours with nothing but a blanket, a cup, and hopefully toilet paper. You also do not get commissary and if you do you are to only order shower items and writing pads . Yes this is real! 

I went to the hole a few times because you have to defend yourself in a place like that, its only you! I also got my Ged and spent days in the law library studying the law and learning different things. At first, I didn’t want to study for Ged because I could not learn by looking at a screen or listen to somebody talk. The program made me wait, because they didn’t think I had it in me to succeed. Then one day I complained to the warden. I told her that I passed all my tests and only missed by one point on the math.  She said if I don’t pass the Ged test I owed her because she pushed it through so I could take it.  I passed every test without studying. Instead,  I was studying on how to beat my own legal case working everyday in the law library when I was supposed to study for the Ged.  Certain c/os believed in me. Teachers knew I was smart and when I passed  I made it known who made it happen. My teacher started calling everyday (get her this ged test asap ) warden called for the tester.  I eventually fired my attorney and went pro se on my case because he said he couldn’t do any better then 3-6  years upstate. I went in there and said what I said and  got 23 flat . 

When I came home after doing 2 years I tried finding employment but nothing was good enough to be able to make enough money to be approved for apartments; due to the fact I am  now an ex felon and have little to no chance even with ex felon friendly companies. So I began going out with friends to after hours places that go from 12-5 and needless to say are all in some area of the hood no matter which one you go to its always in dangerous places. One night I was working and had just bought my car.  Somebody broke into my car by busting a window.  Now these places barely had security and people would be in there touching you for no money. Customers don’t have to tip. They  just pay to get in and pay for drinks so its basically a house party.  Hopefully people bring ones.  After the night my car got broken into I decided to stop putting myself out there for less and brought myself to Cheerleader’s Gentlemen’s Club in Philly.  I heard a lot of people talk about it and I took it as an opportunity.   Since then I haven’t been to an after hour or another club.

Since being at Cheerleader’s I’ve gotten an apartment and needless to say that within the first month working there I make a good amount of money. I work every day  from 3 to 2 am by choice. I never had stability so I’m excited to be able to finally have it and will make sure I keep it ! Couch room is 20$ a dance. Vip is (30 min) $170 to $650 (1 hour). The customers are high end mostly gentleman who are kind. Some get crazy but alcohol does that.


Portrait of exotic dancer Snow Baby by Tony Ward
Snow Baby. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2022


About The Author: Snow Baby is an exotic dancer at Cheerleader’s Gentlemen’s Club in Philadelphia. This is her first contribution to Tony Ward Studio.


Slater: Loney Nights

Portrait of Slater. Exotic dancer at Cheerleaders Gentlemen's club in Philadelphia
Slater. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2021

Text by Slater, Copyright 2021


Lonely Nights


Growing up in a big city, you are never really alone. I would often walk the streets of my neighborhood at night when I couldn’t find comfort in my home. I would wander to the cemetery a few blocks away from my parents house, hopping the fence to reach the quiet of the sleeping graves. The cemetery by my parents house wasn’t a big one, but it took up a whole block and has been open since 1749. It is owned by a big landowner’s daughter originally for the use of burial grounds to the landowners family. However, most of the old Fishtown natives are buried there. Walking through the tombstones, you can almost feel the memories of the people around you.

The peace and quiet I found there really saved me when I was younger. I would take all my racing thoughts and worries and whisper to whoever was resting that wanted to listen. At home I didn’t feel like I could voice how I was feeling without judgement but with those graves, I could talk for hours. I’ve been back to the cemetery twice since I’ve moved away from my parents place and it has stayed the same. Even though I’ve changed and my neighborhood has changed with it, the cemetery stays the same; lonely and beautiful just how I always remembered it. 


Portrait of Slater. Exotic dancer at Cheerleaders Gentlemen's club Philadelphia
Slater: Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2021


About The Author: Slater is a 21 year old dancer at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club in Philadelphia.  This is her first contribution to Tony Ward Studio.

Bob Shell: Suicide?

Portrait of Marion Franklin by Bob Shell
Photo of Marion Franklin by Bob Shell, Copyright 2021

Text by Bob Shell, Copyright 2021




When Marion died from a drug overdose I was very puzzled as well as devastated. She’d once described herself to me as a ‘walking PDR’ (‘Physician’s Desk Reference,’ a big book that lists every drug available in the U.S.A., with dosage and information on usage.) She was very drug savvy, telling me when we first got serious, ‘I’m an addict, Bob, and I’m a high-maintenance girlfriend.’
After her death, I travelled down to Banner Elk, North Carolina, to her memorial service and the wake held at her father’s house. He showed me the memorial garden behind his house and told me I was welcome there any time. Because she’d been cremated ‘at the urging of the police,’ the coffin on display at the church was empty. Her best friend, ‘Samantha,’ and I sat together at the service. She kept saying in a loud whisper, ‘This is a travesty!’ because, like me, she knew Marion had nothing but contempt for organized religion. She called people who observed Christianity, ‘Jesus biscuits.’ The church service portrayed her as someone she never was. ‘Samantha’ and I left early and I tried to console her in the parking lot. They’d been best friends since grade school, and ‘Samantha’ told me she was certain that Marion had killed herself intentionally because she just couldn’t stand being so happy with me. She knew Marion better than anyone, so I can’t discount her judgment.
We’ll never know, I guess. Nor will we ever know exactly what killed her.
My lawyer had told the prosecutor at the start of the case that we planned independent testing of the autopsy samples, and the judge ordered that. We hired a nationally recognized lab, National Medical Services, to do the tests. After the judge ordered the samples sent to them, a confused lab technician called me on the phone. “What are we supposed to do with this stuff?” she asked. I was confused because we’d already told the lab the tests we wanted performed, so I started to reiterate what they were to do.
“But it’s nothing but a bunch of empty specimen bottles!” the lab technician said. The police had sent the lab empty bottles! When we raised the issue in a hearing, the prosecutor admitted that the Medical Examiner had destroyed all of the autopsy samples! I was being prosecuted on evidence that no longer existed.
The local Medical Examiner, Dr. William Massello, said it was his policy to destroy all samples a year after the autopsy, regardless of the status of the case.
In another case, the case of Mindy Dickerson, Massello testified that no one should expect his autopsy samples to be uncontaminated, because ‘there is nothing sterile about the morgue.’ In that case he had mixed brain tissue from at least three cadavers, forcing the prosecutor to drop all charges against Mindy’s former husband, who most likely murdered her. I was convicted based on autopsy samples that were very likely contaminated!
Whether Marion’s death was accident or suicide will never be known, but I personally think ‘Samantha’ was right that Marion’s overdose was intentional. But, thanks to Massello’s incompetence, we will never know with any certainty.
If you’re interested in more details about Massello’s incompetence, I’ve put a lot of information up on my website, www. bobshelltruth. com .
Should anyone be convicted based on ‘evidence’ that no longer exists? In Virginia it not only can happen, it does, and it is still the policy of the Medical Examiner’s Office to destroy autopsy samples in a year. It is the responsibility of the prosecutor to preserve such evidence when the defense requests it, as we did, but my prosecutor did not do his duty, and stated he was not even aware of the ME’s policy to destroy samples, and the judge also said he was unaware of this ridiculous policy. If preserved, autopsy samples can be tested for many years. Virginia law is antiquated and grossly unfair in allowing the use of evidence at trial when it no longer exists for independent testing.


About The Author: Bob Shell is a professional photographer, author, former editor in chief of Shutterbug Magazine and veteran contributor to this blog. He is currently serving a 35 year sentence for involuntary manslaughter for the death of Marion Franklin, one of his former models.  He is serving the 13th year of his sentence at Pocahontas State Correctional Facility, Virginia. To read additional articles by Bob Shell, click here:

Editor’s Note: If you like Bob Shell’s blog posts, you’re sure to like his new book, COSMIC DANCE by Bob Shell (ISBN: 9781799224747, $ 12.95 book, $ 5.99 eBook) available now on . The book, his 26th, is a collection of essays written over the last twelve years in prison, none published anywhere before. It is subtitled, “A biologist’s reflections on space, time, reality, evolution, and the nature of consciousness,” which describes it pretty well. You can read a sample section and reviews on Here’s the link: