Catherine Quigley: The Ambiguous Erotica


Photography and Text by Catherine Quigley



Erotic: strongly marked or affected by sexual desire 

Ambiguous: able to be understood in more than one way 



This series portrays both the literal and the abstract erotica. The close up view of the female body forces the viewer to investigate the womanly figure. The literal erotica is more jarring than the abstracted images. This de-saturated series captures the natural highlights and shadows of the body as well as the natural curves and crevices of the female anatomy. The dulled tones add a sense of anonymity, which leads to a more generalized perspective of the female body. The colorful splash light adds a mystical and paranormal aspect to figure.




This is an erotic series but also internalizes a discrete mood even though some of the images bluntly reveal the nude body. The solo female portrayed in the series inflicts an essence of appreciation and self-love. Particularly in the modern world of strict bodily norms and societal standards, it is of the upmost importance for all females to be appreciative of their bodies. Crevices and curves should be viewed as aspects of beauty and not flaws one hopes to change. Beams of light reveal the pixels of a unique allure when hitting the skin. When the body is placed in varying environments and lights, it releases a multitude of views and sentiments. The selected colors in this series are specifically manipulated to force the viewer to see a body in a disparate light. The erotic and particularly the self-erotic are genres that should motivate society to see the female body in an appreciative and beautiful way.


Photography and Text by Catherine Quigley, Copyright 2015


About The Author: Catherine Quigley is a senior enrolled in the College at the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2015. To read additional articles by Catherine Quigley, go to the search bar at the bottom of the page, type in author’s name: click the search bar.

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