Max Wang: Karma



Founded in 2012, Karma specializes in handcrafted jewelry that speaks to the soul. The creators of Karma seek to create contemporary and sustainable jewelry by collaborating with local Nepalese artisans and craftspeople. By bringing people together, Karma seeks to foster a sense of international community and remind its wearers that everyone is connected.


Like a lotus in a murky pond, Karma jewelry embodies purity and inner-strength. The ability to bloom beautifully is sometimes only discoverable in the most surprising times. Karma acts in mysterious ways and a Karma customer is always ready for good fortune by being open to new opportunities. She respects all life and is always true to herself.


Perfect for gifts in times of celebration, Karma jewelry marks every special occasion, helping us to remember the past and look forward to even more happy moments to come. Everything happens for a reason, and Karma knows that you deserve every joy!


Kindness begets kindness, and a portion of every Karma jewelry purchase goes to support efforts against human trafficking in collaboration with our partners, Maiti Nepal. Karma jewelry is a badge that symbolizes it’s wearer’s contributions, helping those whose lives are not as full of peace and serenity. It is a reminder that we alone craft our own destinies – through action.


Photography and Text by Max Wang, Copyright 2015

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