Jingwen Felix Qiang: Desire



Photography and Text by Jingwen Felix Qiang



I used this project to interpret the idea of desire. As we know,  erotic photography often falls into the cliche gap because of the subject matter—female nudes. Most of the time, the body and the skin is faultless, the body shape has the perfect curve, the lighting is just right. Those photographs tend to express the essence of human sexual desire and nature. However, images of this nature tends to be too narrow an interpretation of the broader ranges of sexual desire.


In this project, I tried to experiment with my various thoughts of sexual desire in a visual context—they are the desires that appeared in my mind when I was looking at a body. It is a desire of taste, a desire of smell, a tangible object or even the intangible substance.


Does the desire come from the body?


Or it comes from our imagination?



What are we trying to pursue? What is real, what is satisfaction after reaching the desire?


Who knows?


Photography and Text by Jingwen Felix Qiang, Copyright 2015

About The Author: Jingwen Felix Qiang is a Suzhou-Philadelphia based artist. She is currently pursuing her masters degree in mathematics at Bryn Mawr College. She intends to apply her knowledge of mathematics to the business of photography. While spending the last four years in all women’s college, Jingwen has been exploring identity, human nature, beauty and the idea of relationships with her camera.  She is also interested in multi-media, and her next approach will be filmmaking.


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