Nefertari Williams: Tim Scott OUR Black Man – Not yours!

Illustration of Senator Tim Scott Republican of South Carolina
Senator Tim Scott. Artwork by Thomcat23 Copyright 2024

Text by Nefertari Williams, Copyright 2024


Tim Scott OUR Black Man – Not yours!


This is an opinion piece so I will go easy. To understand my perspective you will have to learn a few things that are just truths within the black community. Colorism exists. Since we were enslaved individuals we were told and we watched as the Plantation master would treat the lighter skinned enslaved blacks better than the darker skinned enslaved blacks (in some cases they were his own children after he would rape his enslaved girls and women). This unfortunate “benefit” has been a mental barrier within our community although it does seem in some situations that companies and even ad agencies find lighter skinned blacks more palatable.

Another truth that you must know about some black men who grew up by a single black mother – I repeat “SOME” – become resentful towards their black mothers if their lives were troublesome when they were children. These men sometimes even turn against their entire community they didn’t have pleasant experience’s growing up in due to poverty, teasing, bullying etc.

Ok this one may be a bit controversial. Some of our black men who have experienced at least one of the aforementioned situations seem to be easily indoctrinated into the thinking differently then they may have been raised to think while attending black churches or by their low income earning black mothers. This seems to ring true if the black man has witnessed people who looked differently, acted differently as high income earners equating their value to their earring potential. With this way of thinking, that would mean that a disabled wise man with strong values who had dozens of children at his feet as he taught them life lessons, as worthless unless he found a way to monetize this simple kind act. While those of us who were taught that the value of a person is based on the content of his character.

All of these words are a prerequisite for you to understand how a man like Tim Scott (A Black Republican Senator From South Carolina) can “become”.


When Tim Scott was growing up he was raised by a single mother who was a nursing aide  (under paid which is a proven and common issue within the black community) who had to work long hours So Tim was left alone often. He moved around a lot as a kid. When he was a teen he worked at a theatre. When he became hungry he would go to the local Chic- Filet and purchase fries to eat. The owner of  the restaurant took notice of Tim and asked him why he would only buy fries and Tim told him “because they are cheaper”. One day after a few encounters the man went to the theater where Tim Scott worked and gave him a chicken sandwich.

Tim appreciated the generosity shown by the man and chose to accept the life lessons that this man would teach (the man passed away from a sudden heart attack while Tim was still in his teens) 

Tim’s mentors name was John Moniz. He went on  to teach Tim about Christian conservative values strongly expressing the importance of giving.


By teaching Tim that giving leads to receiving, Tim started to question his life. Maybe the reason that the people in his life didn’t have as much as his wealthy mentor was because they didn’t give enough. The mentor never mentioned to Tim how his mother was under paid for her job as a nurses aide which was a systemic problem. He also failed to mention that the hundreds of years that Blacks gave to the country free labor was what caused the country to be the super power that is  today and most “conservatives” vote to make sure that their conservatism is mostly aimed towards restricting funds towards urban schools, unequal lending practices and so much more.

Although Tim was born to married parents who were together for the first 7 years of his life it is described that Tims parents were of the working class impoverished (Btw – there should be no such thing Tim Scott. If you work you should be able to live).


I hate to say this is typical of a black man who has experienced the situations that I have discussed in paragraphs one and two because I hate implying that any group is a monolith- but it is walks like a duck…..

When these two factors meet up I have witnessed the black man tends to avoid dating black women. Maybe he tried and was shot down, maybe he feels “inadequate” (I’ve heard that one before). But as so many in the community have guessed, Tim Scott is now engaged to a woman who is not black. She is white like his mentor was.

So maybe a white woman will understand all that he has learned and will be a better partner because he now knows the secret to being successful in America? Well, no because just as much as I don’t like putting black men in a box I don’t like to with black women. You can find a black woman from all walks of life right here in America. To each their own I say.

Why am I writing about the ONLY black republican Senator, failed presidential candidate and seemingly a new pin cushion for Trump. I was posed the question- what does the black community think of Tim Scott.

I asked a prominent DJ of New York City his opinion on this matter and he simply said – he’s a sell out.

I’m not so sure it’s that simple. I believe there are several factors at play which I have listed.

But here is my overall opinion of Senator Tim Scott:

Come home Tim Scott – Come back to the love of your minority community. We know you may not have been treated well. We all have been bullied a little but we dusted ourselves off and “became”.  Ok so you may not have the Barack Obama swagger, or the Denzel Essence nor the Edris Finesse. That doesn’t mean you are not loved. You are no longer that little poor boy who didn’t have money for a chic filet sandwich. We watched as you stood on stage behind Trump as he called you out just to humiliate you in New Hampshire. It will never stop. You deserve better my brother. Come home. We love you!
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About The Author:  Nefertari Williams is a jewelry maker, activist for women with heart disease and the mother of five beautiful children.  She lives in Willingboro, New Jersey.  To access additional articles by Nefertari Williams link here:

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