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Tyler Ling: Life of Science - Tony Ward Studio

Tyler Ling: Life of Science


Posted on November 14th, by Tyler Ling, Copyright 2016




I came to Penn with a passion for exploring the possibilities in science. The field of science has constantly intrigued my curiosity. I never dreamt of the opportunity to study my passion at a prestigious university. I always had doubts about my place at Penn because I felt like an imposter. I did not have the qualities that my peers possessed, and I did not belong at Penn. The first day of class, I entered the biology building, Leidy Laboratory. I was a stranger surrounded by elitists. I sat in the back of the lecture hall and tried my best to conceal my presence. The speech began, and I no longer felt isolated. I gazed into the professor’s eyes and got lost in his words. His words were a sweet tone that entered into my ear canals and induced absolute euphoria. The knowledge of science metamorphosed into a physical entity. I no longer felt isolated because I was in the presence of familiarity. All my insecurities ebbed. I belong at Penn.

Sciences have always been a part of my life. Penn provides me the opportunities to explore the fields of biology, chemistry, and neuroscience. I walk into the same buildings every day to continue my pursuit in learning. These buildings offer me knowledge and satisfaction. I want to become the next generation of scientists. I see the world in a different manner. I can see the world as chemical reactions and cellular components. I can see beyond the photons interacting with my retinas in the back of my eyes. I can feel the mechanoreceptors on my skin firing action potentials to the sensory cortex in my brain. All my senses are heightened by the scientific knowledge obtained in these buildings. With these new insights in the field of science, I hope to one day find discoveries that can revolutionize the way others discern the world.


About The Author: Tyler Ling is a junior majoring in the Biological Basis of Behavior, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020.


Portrait of Tyler Ling by Anni Liu, Copyright 2016.

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