Zhujun Ding: Street Fashions of New York


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Photography and Text by Zhujun Ding


Different from studio shootings in which all the lighting and props are pre-set, for me, street photography is all about moments which is what I aim to elaborate on in my work.

All of these photographs were taken during the 2015 New York Fashion Week in the Soho District and Bowling Green Park, and outside of Victoria Beckham’s runway show location. I chose to shoot people who established their attitude toward fashion through their careful execution of their outfits. Similarly in my photography, I intended to establish a unique style by creating a body of work with deliberation and consciousness.

Naming of these photos corresponded with the subjects’ own fashion choices. I tried to identify the most attention-grabbing elements of their outfits.

The sequencing of my work was also thoughtfully established. I started with two boys holding cameras, representing the photographer behind the scene. This image brought the apparatus into viewers’ attention and took them onto a pictorial journey, from subjects posed and conscious of the camera to more natural and unaware of the photographic apparatus.

By making these deliberate choices, I intended to offer my respect toward my subject as a photographer in the same manner as they demonstrate their respect toward the fashion world.



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