Jinghong Cui: Accessories


Photography and Text by Jinghong Cui, Copyright 2017




I did this shoot in my bedroom. To relax the model, I was also playing music. I chose to shoot in front of a white wall so there would be less distraction from the background. The ISO was set to 100 to lower the noise. A flash light was the key light. Though my emphasis is accessories, I don’t want to just focus on a single accessory but how they interact with clothing. Therefore, I mostly shot half body.

The long earrings and bracelet are a golden color, so I set the picture to be warm and soft to introduce a grace and noble feeling matching the earrings’ tone.

The earring with paper cranes and pearsl feels quiet and oriental. So I had the model  wear a Chinese Qipao. The fan is also an accessory whose peacock feather pattern represents nobility in Chinese culture. I set the color to be quite cold so it feels more distant.

The rabbit earring is very cute and girlish. So I gave the model a fluffy pink bunny and a pink hoodie with rabbit ears on it. The pink tone is sweet and dreamy.

The earrings and necklace are made of silver which gives out cold light. As the weather is getting cold, I had the model  wear a sweater which feels warm and cozy to reduce the coldness of the picture.

Frappuccino-like earrings reminds me of Starbucks. So I gave the model a cup of Starbucks’s green tea latte and a choker with a star. The red stripes echo with the models red nails. And the red contradict’s Starbucks’ green which makes the picture feel vivid and energetic.

The choker with a triangle and pentagram earrings are cool so I want the picture to be simple but also have attitude.  I chose a black Tee with slogan and jeans skirt.

Both hats have interesting hollowed-out trims and I like the shadow of these hats. But these hats are not special in color. So I set the picture to be black and white to focus on the shape of the hats.


Portrait of Jinghong Cui by Corey Fader, Copyright 2017
Portrait of Jinghong Cui by Corey Fader, Copyright 2017


About The Author: Jinghong Cui is a graduate student studying Material Science at the University of Pennsylvania.


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