Jinghong Cui: Male and Female



Photography and Text by Jinghong Cui, Copyright 2017




In most erotic photography I have seen, there were both women and men in the picture to directly picture the relationship. So I attempted to do it in a rather indirect way.

In this series, there was no woman directly in the picture. However, the lipstick and perfume are a clue of woman’s presence. More specially, in some pictures, there was a female cat. Both in Chinese and some Western cultures, cats are representative of being graceful, sexy, mysterious, seductive women. From the interaction of the man and those feminine embodiments, we can feel the intimate relationship between male and female.

I didn’t show the model’s entire face in all of the pictures because I wanted to focus on the sexuality rather than the model himself. Since there was no woman present, in order to highlight the females presence in each photo, I set those feminine objectives to be colorful and the rest of the picture to be black and white to create a strong contrast. When I was producing the shoot, I set the ISO high because I wanted to use noise to add more texture and emotion to the picture.


About The Author: Jinghong Cui is a graduate student studying Material Science at the University of Pennsylvania. To access additional articles by Jinghong Cui, click herehttps://tonywardstudio.com/blog/jinghong-cui-accessories/



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