Carolyn Wong: Artist Statement

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Photography and Text by Carolyn Wong, Copyright 2016


It is amazing what an effect your surroundings can have on the person you become. Whether it is the location, the culture, or the people, you will find yourself changed. Between living in a female led household and attending 13 years of single sex education, my life has been strongly marked by the presence of girls and women alike. Too often are we classified as a homogenous group, when really, we exist as a diverse crowd. Some of us are delicate, sensitive, quiet, and others are gritty, walled, and outspoken. The differences that mark us may be superficially subtle, but internally speak mountains. This portfolio is comprised of not only some of those that I have grown up with, but also those that have impacted my life. And so here I wished to share them with you.
About The Author: Carolyn Wong is a sophomore majoring in International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018. To read more articles by Carolyn Wong, go here:

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