UPenn: Photography & Fashion – Fall 2015



Photography by Masoma Imasogie. Copyright 2015
Photography by Jingwen Qiang. Copyright 2015
Photography by Kanako Tajima. Copyright 2015
Photography by Zhujun Ding. Copyright 2015
Photography by Catherine Quigley. Copyright 2015
Photography by Victoria Meyer. Copyright 2015
Photography by Janeen Chavis. Copyright 2015


Photography by Iris Williamson. Copyright 2015
Photography by Xani Wang. Copyright 2015
Photography by Ram Thennaapan. Copyright 2015


Models: Courtesy of Main Line Models & Talent


To learn more about Main Line Models: http://mainlinemodelagency.com


Makeup: Emily Dimant



Srey Beaulac: Design Diversity



Photography and Texty by Srey Beaulac


Design Diversity

I chose the theme diversity because I moved around throughout my life and experienced diversity in more ways than one.  This helped me realize how beautiful each individual culture and religion was but it shattered my heart that diversity was seen as ugly in other people’s eyes.  Diversity has a broad definition but when I think of diversity, I think of colors, patterns, gender, race, ethnicity, and age.  Diversity allows us all to be unique and stand out from everyone else.  In this project I wanted to focus on the different types of forms of diversity.  We must appreciate diversity for what it is: beautiful.


What separates us?  What puts us apart from the 7 billion people living on this planet?  We try to answer this by telling others where we are from, what we do for a living, and our religion.  These factors make us unique- a complex product of a thousand different influences that we surround ourselves everyday.


The fashion industry in itself is seen as diverse because it is constantly changing to appeal to the public: the world.  It has the world as its platform.  Fashion seeks for new trends based on what’s popular in other cultures.  It also looks for what is new and old and combine the two to make trends.


The fashion industry lacked racial diversity.  Whether it is the decision of the designer, stylist or casting director, the decision to use all white models reveals a trait that is unbecoming to modern society.  However, there was a marked improvement of accepting more models of different color.  Thus, this is why I chose to focus on the beauty of different races of both genders.  I also incorporated patterns, whether it is in the clothing or the background, to emphasize the importance of diversity.




Photography and Text by Srey Beaulac, Copyright 2015


About the Author: Srey Beaulac is a senior enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania.  Class of 2015.