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Masoma Imasogie photography brand concept fashion ads for tony ward studio

Concept Ads by Masoma Imasogie



brand concept ads by masoma imasogie for tony ward studio fashion branding

Live life the best way you know how, in Blu! Blu is the newest and most personalized denim brand to hit America by storm. With the most innovative technology – Blu has specific elements that allows our denim to mold to your body shape and beautiful curves. As a brand we are all about embracing one’s perfect imperfections, therefore we have Blu jeans in all sizes from xxxs to xxxl.

brand concept ads by masoma imasogie for tony ward studio

We welcome every body  type, every skin color, ethnicity, nationality, every difference, we encourage; scars and all. Leave your discrimination at the door because here at Blu we are all about acceptance and loving the person you were meant to be. Come into one of our stores and talk to a representative about which Blu style fits you the best. Be it the skinny jean fit or the boyfriend jeans, we have it all, and in every wash. There’s no point of looking anywhere else because Blu has it all for you. It’s a one stop shoping for anything and everything Denim.

fashion brand concept ads

denim concept ad with bare natural breast no retouching

Since the holiday season is just around the corner we have launched our latest YOUBLU collection. The YOUBLU collection is the perfect medium denim wash for any kind of woman. As you can see with this model, it accentuates one’s body while fitting like a glove. The YOUBLU collection makes you feel empowered and unstoppable. Bring out your inner sexiness and girl power while you strut the streets in style. Oh, and because you’re friends with our friend Tony Ward Studio we’ll give you a friends and family discount code by using the phrase “YOUBLU15” today! Can’t wait to see you rocking all of our blue denim and don’t forget to hashtag #MyTrueBlu.

denim jeans concept ad by masoma imasogie for BLU

Photography and Concept Ads by Masoma Imasogie, Copyright 2015.


About The Author: Masoma Imasogie is a Junior and Fine Arts Major enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017. To read more articles by Masoma Imasogie, type in author’s name at the bottom of the page and click the search icon.

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