Sharon Song: Honeyed Lips


Photography and Text by Sharon Song, Copyright 2017




When searching for inspiration for this project, I scoured the Internet for images that represented “erotica”. However, I was left feeling that many of the images were not tastefully executed, and that my search history was in need of a good cleanse. I found that mainstream media often takes explicit routes in depicting erotic imagery. Being new to erotic photography, I wanted to start with a concept and style that I was more familiar with. Therefore, I took a more subtle approach to the project.

I began by thinking about sensuality and raw experiences. This immediately led me to think about the lips and mouth, and how it can all begin with a simple smile, curious lip bite, or gentle kiss. All these amorous sensations are, metaphorically, sweet. They sweeten human experiences. With these thoughts in mind, I came up the juxtaposition of sugar and lips. Sugar is often thought of as something that is irresistible and euphoric. In a similar sense, sensual experiences are alluring and enthralling.

In this series of photographs, there are a number of lips of different shapes and sizes. However, they are alike in that they are covered in lip-gloss, lipstick, and something sweet. It aims to provoke the mind to think about the similarities between saccharine taste and the erotic nature of the lips.



About The Author: Sharon Song is a Senior enrolled in the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018. To access additional articles by Sharon Song, click here



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