Xiaonan Chen: Oriental Erotic Art


Photography and Text by Xiaonan Chen, Copyright 2017




This series of photos aims to express the oriental erotic art: Woman wearing Japanese costumes: kimono. With the makeup which fits the dress and expresses the erotic emotion ambiguously. The woman bundles her hair and bares her neck. Her nails are as red as her lips and her eye show. The decorations on her head are white and pink sakura. The sakura is also used as the pattern on her kimono.

The first and second Photos show women making up. They shoot from the back of the woman. Her back is a blur, the focus is on her face, reflected in the mirror. Both the back and the front are captured in this photo. People can view the woman in two ways in this photo, leaving more space for imagination. In the third photo, the woman lying on the bed. In this photo, there are a lot of contrasts: the black curtain versus the white bed sheet. The colorful kimono verses the monochromatic background. The red lip and the black eyelash, etc.

In the fourth picture, the figure is lying on the bed, the beautiful kimono is lost and spreads on the bed with her body. Her eyes and posture convey the emotion of love and nostalgia. In the fifth photo, the woman distorts her body, lifting one of her arms and looking her like fell into her deep thoughts. The warm light prominent this atmosphere. In the rest of the pictures, the intense emotion and the erotic atmosphere is mainly conveyed through the different poses and demeanor of the characters, leaving behind many clues without disclosing them, showing the beauty of oriental erotic art.


Xiaonan Chen is enrolled in the graduate program in Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. To access additional articles by Xiaonan Chen, click herehttps://tonywardstudio.com/blog/xiaonan-chen-daydream/



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