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Xuan Huang: Watch


Photography and Text by Xuan Huang, Copyright 2016




Besides checking time, the function of watches has expanded so widely that people obtain them for various reasons, and wearing them for different purposes.

A small collection of watches is common among many of us. It is certainly one of the most popular categories of luxury. It is an easy but powerful accessory to brighten up someone’s look efficiently.  The authentic pleasure a watch can offer is simple and straight forward – design on their appearance can be geometric, feeling strong and sharp, as well as smooth and elegant.

A sports watch is always a nice choice for casual outfits.  They look smart, fresh, and stable. Color is usually clean and neat, dials are bold and tightly fit with each other.  The interior of the dials looks deep and protective often conveying a sense of support and durability, which makes them indeed  good company for sports or trip activities

A more classic type is the metal watch. Shininess and the sense of quality is essential. This is where it fits the concept of luxuries the most – so formal and gorgeous that people believe only a few of them get the fortune to put them on their wrist. It is somehow a symbol of wealth as well as taste.

Comparatively, leather band watches are more about style. They have more dramatically different looks, and the contrast of materials on the same object makes them stand out, blending the form of formal and casual accessories. Dials are usually simple, colors, on the other hand, is one of the major components. Shape designing is another, which make them look modern and fashionable amongst other types.

Speaking of modern, digital watches plays an interesting role in the family. From plain digital presenting screen to the so called future watch, there are a mixture of forms of watches and technologies, with probably a closer relationship with smart phones.  The redefinition happens a lot on screen and their functionalities. It is hard to say that if that’s the true direction of watch design will follow in the future, but anyhow what doesn’t change much is that they are still considered cool to wear.


 About The Author:  Xuan Huang is a Junior enrolled at Bryn Mawr College, Class of 2018. To read additional articles by Xuan Huang, go here


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Vote: November 8, 2016!




Posted on November 5, 2016 by Kitty Hailey


Seriously – I know everyone is disenchanted with the election. But I need to give you Momma Kitty’s quick history lesson.  Please read it. It’s not a lecture – it’s fact.

1.    The 15th Amendment passed in 1870 and allowed Blacks the right to vote.

2.    The right for women to vote didn’t happen until 1919.

3.    In 1964 there were so many prejudiced and obstructionist people blocking voting rights that Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act DEMANDING equal treatment under the law.

4.    In 2013 our Supreme Court REPEALED the Civil Rights Act because they said “we don’t need it anymore”  REALLY??????????   Four “nasty men” decided that the world was wonderful and blacks and minorities were being treated equally.  REALLY???????

5.    Last week the Supreme Court had to step in and stop Republicans from throwing away voter registration roles for more than 10,000 African Americans in North Carolina, Wisconsin and several other states. There was no Civil Rights Act to stop it from happening.-

So here is my question to you….

If people died to give you the right, the power, the PRIVILEGE of voting for the next president, how can you just let it happen without your input? 

I know you hate the election process.  I do too.  But the next president will select the next Supreme Court.   So if you want to chance that Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, Lesbian and Gay Rights and Voting Rights remain a healthy part of our future then you have not just a right and a power and a privilege, but an obligation.

Please vote.  Please make me proud and come to dinner.  ‘Cause I’m serious as a heart attack and it means that much to me. 

If you don’t do it for yourself then do it for me and my grandchildren.  They need you.  


About The Author: Kitty Hailey is one of the  most acclaimed private investigators in America.  To learn more about Kitty Hailey, go here:



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UPenn: Photography & Fashion


UPenn: Photography & Fashion


Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2016.


To see more Fashion Photography by Tony Ward, go here

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TWS: J Rudy Lewis Jewelry



J Rudy Lewis: Jewelry


J. Rudy Lewis considers making jewelry “more exciting than any other form of art.” Lewis’s zeal for the medium shows in his metal pieces, which are full of life. Nature’s balance and symmetry is a common theme in Lewis’ jewelry work, incorporating only the methods and techniques that befit the master craftsman’s individual story like hand forging, wax carving and repousse. Lewis selectively draws upon materials appropriate to the story he has to tell: like gold of different colors, sterling silver, rough diamonds, baroque pearls, and dinosaur bones. As of late,  the artist has started to incorporate aged leather into his metal work saying “I love how it accentuates the age, history and story I am bringing into my work.” Lewis’ intimate creative process begins at his workbench. An idea for a new piece can come from a recently completed piece, the materials he is interested in, or a prevailing idea he has.

The jewelry ranges from cuffs to necklaces to cuff links and is not bound by gender or age. For the last decade, Lewis’s work has been exclusively one-of-a-kind pieces crafted with the individual in mind. J Rudy Lewis customers are as strong, unique and diverse as his artistry.  Currently his jewelry can be seen on the likes of Bonnie Raitt and Queen Ameerah Al-Taweel of Saudi Arabia.

Please contact the studio if there are any queries regarding J Rudy Lewis, Jeweler:  Click here to visit J Rudy Lewis store:

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A.H. Scott: Threaded by Choice



Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2016


Poetry by A. H. Scott




If a world be a stage, then a stage be a world 

Enough room for all, no need to crowd

Together we are with common bonds unbowed

Theatrics of fashion

Baby, take a bow

We’re all fibers in this play called life right now

Headliner, eyeliner

Spotlight, coiffed 

Casual and sophisticated, like a flower anticipating bloom

Theatrics of fashion

For all, there is room 

Rose petals from this bouquet flourish with shades so divine

Ladies nine, oh so fine

Soloist and chorus prepare their performance

Hemlines and fitted fabric may not look similar

But, all which is couture caresses their perimeter

Satin, silk, cotton, gabardine and chiffon

Threading that needle of equality we know we can’t go wrong

Flash of fashion’s sway with style that’s soaring

Without the combination of colors life would be boring 

A single fiber from each has a hell of a lot to teach

Threaded by choice is a decision made

Strength of unity only can persuade

Woven threads together make for fabrics that pop with exuberance and swoon

Colors delight beneath sun and moon 

Life’s beauty is the flair of a spectacular rainbow 

Miracle it is, for that variety is what we make it so 

Threaded by choice

Love is the swatch that overrules hate

Threaded by choice is one we all must make 

Theatrics of fashion, we all have our place

Our hues may be different, but we all are of one human race


About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional poetry by A. H. Scott, go here:


Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2016

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