Joy Arnold: From Russia With Love, Part 2

Text by Joy Arnold, Copyright 2022


Photography: Tony Ward  – Creative Director: KVaughn – Hair Stylist: Michael Connor. Copyright 2022


From Russia With Love: Part 2


Present: Miss Joy’s Tale


As I sit back at my desk and look out my third story window to reflect, a few things come to mind when I think about the present.  I’m living the dream I had of residing in Philadelphia and having a happy independent life.  In my room sits over 20 houseplants, a petite black and white kitty named Trolley who wears a bright pink tribal print collar (aka my Princess Poops) and there are enough bike parts and sex toys to open up strange bicycle themed sex shop.  Every morning I wake up cozy and warm with the sun beaming on my face and start my day with a shower, shit, breakfast and computer work.  I’ve been entirely self-employed since August, am on the beautifully arduous journey of self discovery and am a passionate cyclist with 4 bicycles in my stable.

        The best thing about being self-employed is that I set my own schedule and truly get to focus on what’s most important to me.  Right now what’s most important to me is the relationship I have with myself, body, mind and soul.  During my 2.5 years of living in Philly I’ve learned to sit with a lot of uncomfortable feelings and work through them with the help of my support system and sheer determination. Through hours of research, embracing spirituality and food as a way to connect with my Southern Ural roots, I’m finding peace not knowing who my direct family members are – it’s also a slow moving goal searching for my birth parents. Therapy sessions help me to reframe how I handle unforeseen challenges in a calm way without attaching the terms “bad” or “good” to the emotions I feel.  As I continue to set strong boundaries and high standards for myself, I feel empowered to take on all the activities and projects that call to me. 

Aside from working as a dominatrix in the Philadelphia area, I’m creating a small line of impact play toys made of recycled bicycle parts such as old inner tubes, handlebar grips, and raw leather.  My first line consisting of 4 tools ranges from innocent to incredibly mean and is inspired by my trip to San Diego last year when I attempted to bike across the USA.  It features shades of terracotta and sand, brass rivets and uses components commonly found on Lowrider bicycles that first gained popularity in California in the 60’s.  The next pieces I’m making are inspired by Ural Batyr, the epic poem of the Bashkir people and where the Ural Mountains gained their name from.  They will feature carved and burned leather along with symbols from Russian Paganism and Tengrism. 


About The Author: Joy Arnold aka Miss Joy is a Philadelphia based Dominatrix that services clients at her center city studio. She is an avid cyclist and is working on a series of adult toys designed from spare bicycle parts.  This is her first contribution in collaboration with Tony Ward Studio.

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