Aaron Graybill: Merion Botanical Park 2021


Photography and Text by Aaron Graybill, Copyright 2021


Merion Botanical Park 2021


Waiting for time to pass is the feeling of quarantine.  Waiting for good or bad news and waiting for days to pass.  Nature can both accentuate or soften the passage of time.  Leafless trees in winter make time feel static, but new blooms bring a feeling of renewal.  

The Merion Botanical Park series was created to capture the anachrony of the quarantine experience.  This takes a normally familiar scene, a public park, and magnifies its details to recontextualize the park experience and offers a refreshing look into the beauty in the austerity that late winer is known for.

The portfolio juxtaposes life and death, takes the big picture and the small details, and acknowledges that focus must be selective.


About The Author: Aaron Graybill is a junior enrolled at Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania. Majoring in Economics. To access additional articles by Aaron, click here: https://tonywardstudio.com/blog/tenant_farmers_wife_exploration/


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