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Posted on November 5, 2016 by Kitty Hailey


Seriously – I know everyone is disenchanted with the election. But I need to give you Momma Kitty’s quick history lesson.  Please read it. It’s not a lecture – it’s fact.

1.    The 15th Amendment passed in 1870 and allowed Blacks the right to vote.

2.    The right for women to vote didn’t happen until 1919.

3.    In 1964 there were so many prejudiced and obstructionist people blocking voting rights that Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act DEMANDING equal treatment under the law.

4.    In 2013 our Supreme Court REPEALED the Civil Rights Act because they said “we don’t need it anymore”  REALLY??????????   Four “nasty men” decided that the world was wonderful and blacks and minorities were being treated equally.  REALLY???????

5.    Last week the Supreme Court had to step in and stop Republicans from throwing away voter registration roles for more than 10,000 African Americans in North Carolina, Wisconsin and several other states. There was no Civil Rights Act to stop it from happening.-

So here is my question to you….

If people died to give you the right, the power, the PRIVILEGE of voting for the next president, how can you just let it happen without your input? 

I know you hate the election process.  I do too.  But the next president will select the next Supreme Court.   So if you want to chance that Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, Lesbian and Gay Rights and Voting Rights remain a healthy part of our future then you have not just a right and a power and a privilege, but an obligation.

Please vote.  Please make me proud and come to dinner.  ‘Cause I’m serious as a heart attack and it means that much to me. 

If you don’t do it for yourself then do it for me and my grandchildren.  They need you.  


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