Harvey Finkle: A Legend Amongst Us

Portrait of photojournalist Harvey Finkle of Philadelphia
Harvey Finkle. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2022

Photography and Text by Tony Ward,  Copyright 2022


Harvey Finkle: A Legend Amongst Us


I first met Harvey Finkle at The Bean coffee shop on South Street in Philadelphia in the early 1990’s. At that time this particular coffee shop located on the North side of the 600 block of South street was a fixture for artists, photographers, writers and hard core coffee drinkers.

Each morning at around 7:30am a group of friends that lived in the neighborhood assembled to talk shop. The group included Harvey Finkle, Zoey Strauss, Robert Asman, Ed Simmons, Sam Binder, Pat King, Gary McQuitty and others usually sat outside the bean where we drank java and watched the eclectic mix of passersby the neighborhood was famous for.

Harvey and I lived a block a way from each other in Bella Vista, a neighborhood known in Philadelphia for housing a variety of artisans. The proximity to Harvey provided us an opportunity to see each other around the neighborhood and spend time together. I became a regular guest at his exhibitions and he came out to support mine as well. Over the years, we became really good friends. You knew you were in Harvey’s good graces when he invited you down to his shore house or over to watch Monday Night Football with his life long friends.

His 5o years of photographic work is a testament of his compassion for the disadvantaged and downtrodden. His early years working as a sociologist sharpened his cameras eye on immigrant communities as well as political and social activism. 

In recent years Harvey unfortunately started to lose his vision.  A cruel twist of fate given his profession. He’s taken it in stride, by recently donating his collection of photographic archives to his alma mater, The University of Pennsylvania where future generations will learn about the legend that lives amongst us.


To learn more about Harvey Finkle’s photographic work, link herehttp://www.harveyfinkle.com

Light Table: Frank Kelly Style Icon

Frank Kelly. Philadelphia, 1983

Photography and Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2020


I was looking through the archives recently and came across a photo of Frank Kelly, the man about town who defined mens fashion and style in Philadelphia during the 1970’s and 80’s. Frank was a style icon that I truly admired.  Always dressed to the nines, tall, handsome and seemingly always in a good mood.  He worked as a model between gigs in Philadelphia and New York and eventually became one of the most successful fashion salesman in Philadelphia, where his customers felt they could take  advice from him on what to wear in a boardroom or casually on the street.  He was incredibly charming and charismatic, qualities that defined his ability to sell to a wide range of customers.  Frank worked at various boutiques and eventually finished his career at Burberry’s until his retirement. Frank passed away in 2018 at the age of 79.


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Picture of the Day: Ike’s Study

Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2020

Photography and Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2020


Ike’s Study


I visited Ike Hay at his home on many occasions.  He was a great teacher of art and design at Millersville University where we first met when I was an undergraduate student from 1974 to 1977. I took several classes with him as he was a great teacher of art and design.  Ike’s first love was sculpture, but he had other interests as well.  Ike was a collector of Empire furniture and a significant amount of his scholarship was defined by his love for French culture, especially French antiquities and an emphasis on the history of Napoleon Bonaparte, the great French military leader and emperor of France. Ike’s study was a place where we often chatted about art and also life. He became a lifelong friend and confidant until his untimely passing in 2014 at the age of 69.  When I began the project of a book of Tableaux Vivants,  I selected Ike’s study as one of the nostalgic places I wanted to photograph because of my longstanding friendship with Ike and his family. So one summer day in 1994, I packed up my gear with models in tow and traveled from Philadelphia to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where he lived with his wife Teri and his daughters Miraya and Mistral. On this particular occasion I decided to shoot in black and white and in color, an unusual departure for me at the time. 


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A.H. Scott: The One

Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2019


Poetry by A. H. Scott, Copyright 2019




What are you waiting for?

For that moment when everything will be just right?

For the moment you’ll be blessed with a kiss goodnight?

Or, when you walk into a room to have someone look at you with a gaze of perfect delight?

Pondering your worth in another person’s life?

What are you looking for?

What do you seek?

Is it something or someone that will tip your dreams to its’ peak?

Maybe all of it

Maybe none of it

When will that day come?

Thinking you can be the one

The one in the mirror that makes you smile

The one who finally sees you and wants you to stick around

The one who realizes strengths  within that will endure

The one that knows there’s more to this life for sure

The one obscured behind that internal jawboning of defeat

The one who compares to another in a race which we didn’t compete

The one who has settled in ways both large and small

Wanting to expand horizons, but afraid to shine

Affixed to that humble grind

Sitting back and watching seconds turn to years

And, stunted by fears

Staying in your own lane, you never complain

Hands of time can never unwind

Obsolete in stoking a fire within another

Inside of you there’s a yearning flicker of embracing something beautiful and new

Settling is safe, as is the shore

There’s so much more to life to adore

Maybe, it’s not another which you seek

It’s someone closer than you think

The one is you

Just look in the mirror

You will see it through

You will see it true

The one



About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by A. H. Scott, go here:https://tonywardstudio.com/blog/a-h-scott-madisons-key/


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