Max Wang: Mano a Mano



Posted on October 22, 2015  by Max Wang


Mano a Mano

Tensions run high as the temperature drops. Each competitor sizes the other up, ready to face off at the drop of a leaf. They hurtle towards each other like freight trains. Again, and again, and again, fists fly with deadly precision, knocking the wind out of the other into the frigid air.

The modern man is bold and never backs down to a challenge. He dares to wear prints, fur, colours, and textures. He shies away from no cut, no accessory that might give him the upper edge. He deems it appropriate to wander the cutting frontier of fashion and knock down any man that may doubt his choices – put in his place any man who seeks to upstage him.


It then happens that two alpha males come into confrontation. A cataclysmic clash is inevitable. In suits, sweaters, coats, and hats to shield them from the elements, the duelists engage, somehow always maintaining their impeccable grooming and dignity. In this battle for honour there are growls, grapples, swift dodges, and forceful lunges. Left hooks, right hooks, uppercuts and roundhouse kicks abound, too many to count, only experienced by the welts and bruises left behind.


Each man stays true to his specific style – both in dress and in battle.

The contest is close; their strengths are evenly matched. It seems like the fight is coming to an end. But unexpectedly, out of nowhere comes one last blow – it’s a knockout!

The question is: who won?



Photography and Text by Max Wang, Copyright 2015.



John Ibrahim: Portrait of a Friend



Photography and Text by John Ibrahim



eŸclipse – (Greek) the darkening of a heavenly body 

I found George sitting alone on the stairs, physically trapped between the wall and the banister. Lately, I’ve been seeing him like this quite frequently. It had been a long time since he last saw E, his girlfriend. They’ve been dating for quite some time now, but ever since E left town to complete one of her art projects George has been very reserved.


Thinking of her would put George at ease, but it also increased his longing for her. In her absence, George kept only to himself. As George sat stationary, I sensed that he viewed his life with limited options.

But today, E would be visiting, and this surprise completely transformed George.


For George, seeing E was like seeing the sunlight.

eŸclipse – George, the moon. And E, the sun.


George studied physics and E studied art, and united together, they were a masterpiece. Without E, George lived his life cautiously and calculated, but whenever he was with E, he was as free as a paintbrush on a blank canvas. He was relaxed and had a lively spirit, with his full embrace of life mirroring his full embrace of E. I loved seeing George like this, but I knew that E would eventually have to leave to return to her work.

When she did leave, George returned back to his quiet self, but with an added sense of thoughtfulness. Seeing E had rejuvenated him.



Photography and text by John Ibrahim, Copyright 2015